Residents’ Corner

Heritage House residents have led rich and fulfilling lives and have many wonderful and unique talents! Our residents are poets, veterans, artists, writers, cooks, seamstresses, business people, and that’s just scratching the surface. Residents’ Corner is a creative space for our residents to display their accomplishments on our website.


by Francie Wentz

I skipped 2012, didn’t write a poem
About thing’s happening at my Heritage House Home.

Before meals we don’t have wheelchairs in the hall.
We don’t have the P.A. to tell about calls!

The Activity Room is where they stay to watch TV.
This leaves the hall neat and clear.

We’ve had some go back to their homes to sleep;
Some went to Heaven, their life complete.

We still have some, sad to say,
They stay in bed all night and day.

We have some who get lost and cry;
We calm them down and become their guide.

We have some that can’t hear well,
So we have to REALLY yell.

Some say “What!? I didn’t hear you, honey.”
Or say what THEY heard is REALLY funny.

We have so many coming in
Lots of hers and lots of hims.

We just lost the man who was “State Farm”
He was always walking the halls to keep us from harm.
We are sorry, after 6 years, not to see his face,
But we’re happy that he has his own place.

CNAs and Nurses hurt, back and feet,
But when the call lights ring, they try not to miss a beat.
When they hear an alarm sound,
They’re off running with leaps and bounds.

CNAs are the best,
So many lights!  They seem to NEVER rest.
As soon as they take care of you
Other call lights ring, and there are quite a few!

Activities keep us busy!
So many things it makes your dizzy!

Our staff is on the ball,
Making sure problems are resolved.

The housekeepers really work
To clean and get up ALL the dust.

Yes, I call this place my HOME,
We’re FAMILY and we’re NEVER alone.
Some one is ALWAYS there
To give you all their love and care.