Patty Bartlett

“I had a wonderful experience at the Heritage House of Shelbyville. Everyone that works there is great. Being there helped me get better quickly and now I’m home. Oh yes, I would definitely recommend Heritage House to anyone. I’m sure I would. They provided excellent care. My family chose it for me and I had no idea what I was in for, but now I have no complaints. I was well pleased by the nurses and the aides were all cheerful. If I had to enjoy being somewhere it was there. The girls that worked there and I got to be friendly and we helped each other. I had no problems and I can’t tell you anything bad about it. My family was very pleased with the care I received. If I had to rate the Heritage House, I would give it a 10 out of 10! I don’t have any complaints”

Margaret Corbett, a Heritage House resident, and husband Bob Corbett

Ricci Atchison

“When my mother had her last heart attack we no longer were able to provide care for her at home. Between her heart disease and other life-ending diagnoses we had to turn to strangers. How were we ever to believe it was the best decision for her and for us? The Heritage House staff welcomed Mom and her whole family into their family from the moment we entered the facility. We never met a stranger there. At one of my visits with Mom during her 3-month stay she relayed what happened to her late one night. She was awake – as was now her norm. She called for assistance and when the aide quickly answered the call Mom asked if she would have a few moments to only sit with her and keep her company. I don’t know how long she stayed that night and visited with Mom, but long enough for her to share her life story because Mom knew everything about her new young friend. Although this is only one staff member on one night, it typifies everything we experienced every moment of Mom’s last 3 months. Thank you Heritage House. I always will remember the love, devotion and exceptional care you provided to Mom and to us.”

Barb Wood

“When I first came to Heritage House of Greensburg, I needed help learning how to walk and climb stairs again. The ladies in physical therapy and occupational therapy helped me, and now I am doing better and on my way to a full recovery. I just thank God I had a great team working for me during my stay! Thanks again!”

Billie Cox

“I would like to thank everyone at Heritage House of Greensburg for their kindness and help. I came there three weeks unable to walk and in that short time they have worked with me, and I again can walk even better than when I was at home.

The staff has been very kind and the meals are good and plentiful. Thanks again for everything. God bless you!”

Bob Corbett

“The care for my wife at Heritage House of Richmond is outstanding. She’s been here four years and I would give it a score of a 90 to a 100. There’s attention to detail, courtesy, friendliness, and the food is great, outstanding. They feed me too when I come here, so I can’t complain! My wife and I have been married 42 years, and I wouldn’t want her to be anywhere else.  The nursing staff is very good. I would definitely recommend this place. This is almost like an at home atmosphere.”

Director of Nursing Rhonda Frost with therapy resident Keith Coyle

Keith Coyle

Heritage House of Richmond Rehab-to-Home Resident

“At Heritage House of Richmond, I’ve been treated like a king.Everybody’s happy here. If I ask [the staff] for something, they do it immediately.

I get to go home because of these people. I went from being so sick and now I’m going home. They took care of me as good as my parents could have and they take care of everyone that way. My brother came here and saw how much better I am and said, “My God, what a difference this place makes for you!”

I give the care here an A++++. It’s perfect. Heritage House made such a difference. The food here is great! Today I had ribs and corn on the cob. I’ve had chicken pot pie… I get all kinds of good stuff.

I’m happy and I’m healthy. I would come back here or if my mom needed a place to go, I would know where to take her, because I know she’d be taken care of.”

Letter from Ramona Webber

“Staff at Heritage House,

Because your thoughtfulness shows in all that you do, may the joy you give to others find it’s way back to you!

To each and every one of you who took such good care of Danny: I never had before and never will again hear anyone say they are so happy in a nursing home. But Danny did say that because all of you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my hear. He enjoyed his last months here because of you.

And my “thank you” seems so small compared to all you’ve done, not only for Danny, but for me and the family. It comes from the bottom of my heart.

A special thanks to the girls there that last night. I don’t know what my daughter, Tina, and I would have done without you.

Danny loved you all so much and so do I. May you be blessed for the kindness you’ve shown to Danny and his family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

With Love,
Ramona Webber

“… A word of encouragement does wonders!” – Proverbs 12:25 (TLB)”

Helen Matner

Thank You After New Castle Thanksgiving Meal

“Thank you for a wonderful meal and a delightful evening of entertainment. I know it was a lot of work and extra hours for the staff. May you have a wonderful, happy and blessed holiday season. God bless each one.”

Karen Raymond

Shelbyville Testimonial

“I was in the hospital unconscious for five days. When I came to, I was told that I needed rehab and was scheduled to go to another nursing facility that day. I told them that I wasn’t going there, I’m going to Heritage House! When asked why, I told them it’s like home. The staff at Heritage House have been wonderful. It’s comfortable. One of the nurses took time out to walk with me every evening when she was here. Any time I had my call light on they answered it very promptly. The nurses explained my medication to me so I would know what I was taking and why I was taking it. They take the time to do the extra things. I also really like their dining program. It’s more of a restaurant style. It gives you choices. It gives you some control when you feel like you’ve lost so much of it by having to be taken care of. They serve fresh fruit with breakfast every day if you want it. The meals here are very good. I have not had a bad meal since I’ve been here. The therapy department was very good at getting me back on my feet. I was able to go home a lot sooner than what was expected. All of the arrangements were made for me when I went home. The staff at Heritage House had everything ready for me. They had home health set up, and also had all the equipment I needed at home to be safe. Heritage House has helped me so much. If I ever had to go back to a nursing home I would go to Heritage House.”

Arlene Burton Milroy

Letter to the Editor (Greensburg Daily News)

“Dear Editor,

In March of this year, I was admitted to the Greensburg Heritage House for rehabilitation due to unbearable hip pain. It was a difficult decision for me to make. I had never been a patient in a nursing home. My experiences with various nursing homes had been predominately negative. When I would discuss my situation with friends and family, their attitudes were all the same, and all were pessimistic. My hip discomfort became too much for me to deal with on my own so I agreed to admission of the Heritage House of Greensburg. Words cannot begin to describe the kindness and care lavished on me while I was a resident. The staff, from nursing to housekeeping, were all beyond pleasant. I was treated with respect and dignity. They kept myself, and my surroundings clean. With the exception of being allowed to keep my dog Scrappy with me, I cannot think of one single thing I would’ve changed about my stay there. It seems the world is full of people who are all too willing to give a disapproving opinion. I would highly recommend the Greensburg Heritage House to families, or individuals who are in need of such a facility.”

Betty Forrest

Heritage House Shelbyville for Short-Term Rehab

“Best medical facility ever. Even visitors were saying how wonderful it is. The staff, they are wonderful and more than friendly. I was treated like family. I will recommend [Heritage House] to everyone. I had a visitor come in who had been to other nursing homes visiting people and she said she didn’t know a nursing home could be like this. You can tell the difference right when you walk in the door.”