“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates

Heritage House is excited to welcome Indianapolis-based Chef Josh Horrigan, of Culinary and Hospitality Solutions and Annabelle’s Garden, to revamp its dining initiatives.

Chef Horrigan has designed a brand new culinary program for Heritage House’s Richmond, New Castle, and Greensburg locations.

Heritage House wanted to give its residents more choices, a more homelike dining experience, and better than restaurant quality cuisine. From scratch cooking, fresher ingredients, proper culinary techniques, nutritional emphasis, plate presentation and increased menu variety are main goals for the senior living and rehab communities.

“By providing coaching, mentoring and instruction to the culinary teams at Heritage House we are able to consistently elevate the cuisine that is positively impacting the lives of the residents,” Horrigan said.

Residents have already noticed a vast improvement in food quality in just a few short months.

“Food is really important,” said Grace Taylor, a resident at Heritage House of Greensburg. “We have more to choose from and the flavor of the food is so much better. Honey, I love Josh to death – he’s a nice gentleman.”

Not only have residents enjoyed the food more, Heritage House is experiencing an overall improvement with weight gains and resident participation in meals. Less food waste is also an added benefit to the new program.

“Recently, a resident told me she’s become more plump,” recounted Tammy Canterbury, Heritage House of Richmond’s Dietary Manager.  “So I asked her if she was enjoying the food. She said, ‘Well honey this is the best food I’ve ever ate.’”

Canterbury said since her staff has made changes in the kitchen, they’ve been getting glowing compliments daily from residents and the staff. She also said the residents say the food tastes less institutional and more like home.

“It’s a huge accomplishment because we’ve been working so hard and it’s all for them,” Canterbury said. “I know at the end of the day they’re enjoying it and seeing my hard work pay off puts an enormous smile on my face. It is the best thing in the world just to watch the residents eat food that they’re enjoying so much.”

Chef Horrigan preps all the food for the Heritage House senior living campuses.

“Knowing that the food we cook is going to improve the lives of the Heritage House residents is very rewarding to me,” Horrigan said.